Friday, February 10, 2012

Bank Funding Chart

This chart is from data provided by our banking partners.  The horizontal axis is the DATE OF ACCEPTANCE of the return.  The vertical axis is the PERCENT FUNDED by date.

The funding cycle seems to be several days longer than we would have expected, but it is getting better.  We would not expect the funding for Feb 1st and later just yet.  And as you can see, we don't have funding for much after Feb 1st YET.
The funding from Jan 11th is not improving.  I think that may be due to a high level of fraud trapping (or fraud attempts) in the early days.

We don't know about funding for all IRS returns, but we suspect that it would not be too different than the data reported to us by our banking partners.

It is also apparent from this chart that the funding timetable shortened substantially after Jan 26th ( ---- the IRS told us that it would).

--- Phil Drake