Monday, June 6, 2011

Web 1040 - Hiding and Disabling Forms

This article is part of a continuing series covering features of our Web 1040 product.
For multi-site offices, there may be times where the home office would like to control access to particular forms. For example, if preparers in your office are struggling with correctly preparing the 1098, you could "lock" that form from their use. To do this, you may use the Hidden Forms and Disabled Forms features in Web 1040. You will find these features on the Tools menu.

Hiding the form prevents it from showing during the interview process, and it also hides it in the Your Forms section. However, hiding alone does not prevent access. That's where the Disabled Forms feature comes in. By also disabling the form you can completely block preparer access to that form. This prevents a preparer from using that form, even if they have bookmarked the url for that screen. If they try to access the form, they will see the following screen:

So, what if the return really needs a 1098? In that case an Admin can log into the system and directly create the form for the preparer.

Stay tuned for more Web 1040 feature tips. Next up: Locking forms after Admin review.