Friday, April 15, 2011

More Help Ideas

Friday, April 15: it's likely there's too much going on today for much optional reading (or writing), but here are a couple of ideas, maybe for later.

Get the Drake tax software User's Manual supplements.

Have you looked at the supplements to the Drake User's Manual? If you're working business returns, non-profits or trusts, there's a supplement available that focuses on these kinds of returns. There's also a supplement for pay-per-return users.

Log into Drake Support, go to Training Tools > Manuals, and browse these PDF supplements to the 2010 Drake tax software User's Manual:

  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: Pay Per Return (PPR)
  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: Corporations (1120)
  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: S Corporations (1120S)
  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: Partnerships (1065)
  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: Charities and Non-profits (990)
  • Drake Software Manual Supplement: Estates and Trusts (1041)

You can save these locally for later use, which leads to the next idea.

Put your manuals and user reference materials in one location for quick access.

Have you ever used this utility on the installation disk?

It opens the PDF folder on the installation disk for access to a variety of reference materials.

If you have hard drive space available for the PDF documents (roughly 62 MB), you can set up this utility to run from your desktop without the installation disk.

  • Copy the PDF folder from the installation disk to the root of your local hard drive.
  • Send a shortcut to your desktop from the copied file PDF > pdfmenu.exe.

Pdfmenu.exe looks for a "PDF" folder on the drive root, so if you already have a folder named "PDF" there, you'll need to rename it before copying the PDF folder from the Drake installation disk. Double-clicking the desktop shortcut gets you access to everything in the PDF folder, even non-PDF documents.

You can also download the manual supplements and save them in the PDF > Manuals folder on your drive.

Another way to keep documents at hand is to import a copy of the documents themselves into a folder you set up in the Drake Document Manager and use the Document Manager when you need to see them. In DDM, use the toolbar Import button.

See you on the other side of April 18.